Alysha Bernstein Therapy

"So many of us are reaching out, hoping someone out there will grab our hands and remind us we are not as alone as we fear." 

- Roxane Gay (Bad Feminist, 2014

Welcome to Alysha Bernstein Therapy. 

You may have clicked onto this website because how you usually cope is not working right now. Or maybe the emotions or thoughts in your head are overwhelming, traumatizing, exhausting, or anxiety-provoking. Sometimes we can feel 'stuck' or a 'burden' to those around us. Maybe there is someone in your life who is feeling this way and you wish to help them through a difficult time.

Alysha Bernstein Therapy provides an authentic, personal, collaborative, and safe therapeutic space to explore current mental health and addictions issues as well as past traumas in your life. I work with individuals who are looking for support, ways to cope, and a pathway forward. I utilize a variety of evidenced-based practices, tailored to each client's individual needs. My goal is that together we can build a therapeutic space that facilitates new levels of hope, change, comfort, and strength

I'm looking forward to meeting and working with you, whether virtual or in-person. My approach is non-judgemental and I strive to create an atmosphere that is warm, compassionate, and empathetic.

Our office is located at: 20 York Mills Road, Suite 201, Toronto Ontario, M2P2G4