Becoming a Client -

Becoming a Client

You can choose to either email me or fill in the form available and we can arrange a time to have a free 15 minute conversation to help you decide if my services are a good match for you. During this conversation, I'll ask you some questions about yourself and what brings you to therapy and you can ask questions about me. At that point, we can schedule a time for a first session.

The First Session

The first meeting is an opportunity for you and me to discuss what is presenting a challenge in your life and for you to experience what it is like to work with me. This session can be anxiety-provoking and so we will start with some housekeeping and then focus on what brings you to this space before setting any goals. It is important for me to know you and what your needs are. We will then book a follow-up appointment, or a series of appointments, if that is your preference.

Ongoing Counselling

After the first session, I will develop a personalized plan for your treatment that fits your needs. For example, some interventions work better than others depending on the person and their issue(s). The duration of counselling is determined through ongoing discussion and review between therapist and client. In some cases, a single session is all that is required, and in others, longer-term therapy is more effective. Individual sessions run 50-60 minutes.


I am a Registered Psychotherapist (qualifying) and hold a Masters of Counselling Psychology. I am happy to work with those who have never had a therapist before, along with those more experienced in therapy.


My rate is currently $130 + HST, however I do offer a sliding scale (between $90- $130) + HST based on need and situation.

I may be covered by your insurance plan. Please contact your provider to find out more details.

Canceled or Missed Appointments

Except in reasonable circumstances, clients will assume responsibility for all of the fee for an appointment that is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.