The Therapeutic Relationship

I added this section, which is uncommon on most therapist webpages, because building and maintaining the therapeutic relationship is the biggest predictor of a client feeling supported and reaching their goal(s). No matter what technique is used, the ability to meet, connect, and build an positive therapeutic alliance is the single greatest factor in the improvement of our well-being and mental health (Stubbe, 2018).

I come at this work from years as a peer support facilitator and lived experience. I've sat with individuals, families, and groups during exceptionally difficult periods in their lives. What I know how to do is to sit with what is hard, to listen empathetically, to build a space of safety and non-judgement, and create an authentic dialogue with you as we get to know one another and what brought you to therapy.

Every client is different and I strive to work collaboratively with you to find a comfortable rhythm that best suits you. Coming to therapy for the first time can be anxiety-provoking, building a strong and trusting relationship together and knowing what you are getting into will help mediate those fears.